51. Before they graduate from universities, these volunteers with the united uniforms are all pleased to serve all the visitors from all over the world.在大学毕业前,这些穿着统一制服的志愿者都乐意为全世界的游客服务。

①before[bi'f:] prep.在…前 conj.在…以前 ad.以前

②graduate['grædjueit] v.(使)毕业 n.毕业生;研究生

③volunteer[vln'ti] n.志愿者(兵) vt.自愿(做;提供)

④unite[ju(:)'nait] v.(使)联合,(使)团结,(使)统一

⑤uniform['ju:nif:m] n.制服

⑥pleased[pli:zd] a.高兴的

⑦serve[s:v] v.服务(役),任(职);接待

⑧visitor['vizit] n.参观者,访问者,来客

⑨all over the world 全世界

52. Though it is true that it is quite convenient for anyone to search and find the information on the internet, it is still necessary to judge whether the information is right or wrong.尽管任何人的确都能很方便地再网上查找信息,但是判断信息的对错是必要的。

①though[ðu] conj.尽管

②true[tru:] a.真实的;真的

③quite[kwait] ad.相当;十分

④convenient[kn'vi:nint] a.省力的,方便的

⑤search[s:t] n.搜索,寻找,探查

⑥information[inf'mein] n.信息,消息,情报

⑦Internet['int:net] n.[the~]国际互联网,因特网

⑧still[stil] ad.还;仍然

⑨necessary['nesisri] a.必要的;必然的

⑩judge[dd] n.法官;裁判员 v.断定;裁决,评定;审判

11whether['weð] conj.是否

12right[rait] a./ ad.对(的);右(的)

13wrong[r] a.错误的;不正当的 n.错误

53. The angry mother warns her daughter if she dare throw her toys and rubbish everywhere again, she will beat her.生气的妈妈警告女儿如果她敢把玩具和垃圾扔得满地都是,她将打她一顿。

①angry['ægri] a.发怒的,愤怒的,生气的

②warn[w:n] v.警告,告诫

③daughter['d:t] n.女儿

④dare[d] vt.敢;激 aux.v.[用于疑问等句]敢,竟敢

⑤toy[ti] n.玩具

⑥again['gein] ad.再(又)一次

⑦beat[bi:t] vt.打;战胜 vi.跳动

54. The airport didn't apologize to all the passengers for the delay of the flight until all the passengers had waited for almost 6 hours so some of the passengers decided to write a letter of complaint.航班误点,机场直到所有的乘客等了6个小时后才向乘客道歉,因此一些乘客决定写投诉信。

①airport['ep:t] n.机场,航空港

②apologize['pldaiz] vi.道歉,认错,谢罪

③delay[di'lei] n.耽搁,延迟 vi.耽搁,拖延 vt.耽搁;推迟

④flight[flait] n.空中旅行;航班;飞行

⑤until[n'til] conj.直到…时;[用于否定句]直到…(才)

⑥wait[weit] vi.(for)等

⑦almost[':lmust] ad.几乎,差不多

⑧decide[di'said] v.决定,判断

⑨complaint[km'pleint] n.抱怨,诉苦;投诉,控告

55. The breakfast of an average American mainly consists of the food such as eggs, bread and butter, sandwich, milk, juice and so on.一个普通美国人的早餐包括以下食物,如蛋,黄油面包,三明治,牛奶,果汁等等。

①breakfast['brekfst] n.早餐

②average['ævrid] a.平均的;平常的 n.平均数

③American['merikn] a.美国(洲)的 n.美国人

④mainly['meinli] ad.主要地;大体上

⑤consist[kn'sist] vi.(of)组成,构成 A consist of B “A由B构成”

⑥bread[bred] n.面包;生计,谋生之道

⑦butter['bt] n.黄油 bread and butter n.涂黄油的面包, 生计

⑧sandwich['sændwit] n.三明治,夹肉面包

⑨juice[du(:)s] n.汁,液,果汁

⑩and so on 等等

56. Both of these excellent twins will go on their study in Britain, but the elder brother will reach there this June while the younger one will arrive in it one month later.那对双胞胎都将在英国继续求学,但是哥哥今年 6月去,而弟弟则是迟一个月。

①both[buθ] a.两个…(都) pron.两者(都),双方(都)

②excellent['ekslnt] a.优秀的,卓越的,杰出的

③twin[twin] n.双胞胎之一 a.孪生的,成双的

④go on 继续;进行

⑤Britain['britn] n.英国;不列颠

⑥month[mnθ] n.月,一个月的时间

⑦later['leit] ad.后来 a.后面的

57. Almost every day except weekends and rainy days, the national flag will rise and all the students will stand on the playground and raise their hands.除了周末和下雨,每天升国旗,所有的学生都要站在操场上举手敬礼。

①weekend['wi:kend] n.周末

②rainy['reini] a.下雨的,多雨的

③national['næn()l] a.国家的,全国的;民族的

④flag[flæg] n.旗,旗帜

⑤playground['pleigraund] n.(学校的)操场,(儿童)游乐场

58. The entrances to the zoo are crowded with the excited people, because all of them are very interested in the new pandas and want to watch them with their own eyes.动物园的各个入口挤满了兴奋的人群,因为他们都对信赖的熊猫感兴趣,想要亲眼看看。

①entrance['entrns] n.入口,大门口

②zoo[zu:] n.动物园

③excited[ik'saitid] a.(指人)兴奋的

④own[un] a.自己的 vt.有,拥有

with sb’s own eyes 亲眼

59. If you compare their systemwith ours, you will easily get the conclusion that our system seems out of date and can’t meet the needs of modern industry.如果你把我们的系统和他们的相比,你狠容易得到结论,我们的系统似乎过时了,不能满足现代工业需求。

①compare[km'pe] vt.(to,with)比较;(to)把…比作 vi.相比

②system['sistm] n.系统;制度,体制

③easily['i:zili] ad.容易地;顺利地

④conclusion[kn'klu:n] n.结论,推论;结尾

⑤seem[si:m] vi.好像,似乎

⑥out of date 过时的, 过期的

⑦meet[mi:t] vt.遇见;见面;满足 meet the needs of … “满足……的需要”

⑧industry['indstri] n.工业,产业

60.The thief tried escaping from the prison during the Christmas, but the police had known his plan and tried to destroy his plan.那个贼企图在圣诞期间从监狱逃出去,但是警察已经知道了他的计划,使其计划失败。

①escape[i'skeip] vi.逃跑;逸出 vt.逃避,避开 n.逃跑,逃避

②prison['prizn] n.监狱

③during['djuri] prep.在…期间

④Christmas['krisms] n.圣诞节

⑤police[p'li:s] n.[the~]警察部门,警方;警察

⑥plan[plæn] n.计划 v.(制订)计划

⑦destroy[di'stri] vt.破坏,毁灭;消灭,杀死

61.The football team got there ahead of time in order to be familiar with the bad weather and strange local food because they didn’t want to lose such an important match.那个足球队提前到了,为了熟悉那边的坏天气和奇怪的当地食物,因为他们不想输掉重要的比赛。

①team[ti:m] n.队,组 v.(up)(使)合作 team up with sb 与……合作/组队

②ahead['hed] ad.在前面(头);向(朝)前;提前

ahead of time 提前; 提早

③familiar[f'mili] a.熟悉的,通晓的 be familiar with 熟悉

④weather['weð] n.天气,气象

⑤strange[streind] a.奇怪的,奇异的;陌生的,生疏的

⑥local['lukl] a.地方性的,当地的;局部的 n.[ pl.]当地人

⑦match[mæt] n.比赛;对手;匹配;火柴 v.相配,相称

62.The location of the library is far from their houses, but these boys are so keen on reading the history books that theyare willing to spend the whole afternoon there every Sunday.图书馆离他们的房子很远,但是这些男孩太热衷于读历史书籍,以至于他们愿意每周日花整个下午在那里。

①location[lu'kein] n.位置,场所

②library['laibrri] n.图书馆,藏书室

③far[fɑ:] ad.远,久远地;很,极;遥远地 a.遥远的

far from 远离, 一点也不 far away 遥远

④history['histri] n.历史,史学,历史书

⑤willing['wili] a.愿意的,乐意的,心甘情愿的 be willing to do sth 乐意做某事

63.It is not good for you to do homeworkwhile you are listening to the music orwatching the cartoons.在听音乐或者看卡通片的时候做作业对你来说是不好的。

①listen['lisn] vi.听;听从,听信 listen to… 听……

②music['mju:zik] n.音乐,乐曲

③watch[wt] v.观看;看守,照看;小心 n.表;看管

④cartoon[kɑ:'tu:n] n.漫画,幽默画;动画片

64.Generally speaking, the class teacher is in charge of the class while the school is in the charge of the headmaster.一般来说,班主任管理一个班级,而学校是由校长管理的。

①generally['denrli] ad.一般地,通常;普遍地,广泛地

generally speaking 一般而言

②charge[tɑ:d] n.费用;管理 vt.要价;指控 vi.收费

in charge of … 管理,负责……

in the charge of 由 ... 负责, 被 ... 主管

③headmaster[hed'mɑ:st] n.(中小学)校长

65.Because of the toothache, he hasn’t enjoyed the delicious dinner for several days so he has no choice but to ask the dentist for help.由于牙疼,他已经好几天没有好好享受美味的餐点了,所以他别无选择只能去看牙医。

①because of n./doing (介词词组) 因为; 为了...缘故

②toothache['tu:θeik] n.牙痛

③delicious[di'lis] a.美味的,芬芳的

④dinner['din] n.正餐,主餐;宴会

⑤several['sevrl] a.几个,若干,数个

⑥choice[tis] n.选择(权);供选择的东西

⑦ask[ɑ:sk] vt.询问;请求;邀请 vi.(ask for)请求

⑧dentist['dentist] n.牙科医生

66. With the development of science and technology, researchers will get more and more knowledge about space and other planets.随着科技的发展,研究院将获得越来越多的有关太空和其他星球的知识。

①with[wið] prep.和,跟,同;具有;用;关于;随着

②development[di'velpmnt] n.生长,发展;新情况;研制

③technology[tek'nldi] n.工艺,技术

④researcher[ri's:t] n.研究者,调查者,探索者

⑤space[speis] n.空地;空间

⑥other['ð] a.别的;其余的 pron.另一个人(或物)

⑦planet['plænit] n.行星

67. The film “Avatar” is too popular toget a ticket.

The film “Avatar” is so popular that it is hard to get a ticket.

It is hard to get a ticket of the film”Avatar”.

How hard it is to get a ticket of the film “Avatar”!

What a popular film “Avatar” is!

①popular['ppjul] a.流行的,通俗的,大众的;广受欢迎的

②ticket['tikit] n.票,车票;罚款传票

③hard['hɑ:d] ad./ a.努力地(的);艰难地(的);猛烈地(的)

④感叹句:How 形容词/副词 特指主语 谓语!

What (a/an) 形容词/副词 名词 (主语 谓语)!

68.The top student was too nervous about the exam to review her lessons and sleep well and in the end she didn't get a satisfying score.那个优秀学生对于那个考试太紧张了,以至于没有复习好,也没有睡好觉,最后没有得到令人满意的成绩。

①top[tp] n.顶;上部 a.最高的

②nervous['n:vs] a.神经紧张的

③review[ri'vju:] n./vt.审查,回顾;复习;评论

④lesson['lesn] n.(功)课;一堂(节)课[ pl.]课程;教训

⑤end[end] n.末尾;尽头;终止;结果 v.结束,终止

in the end 最后; 终于

⑥satisfying['sætsfa] adj.令人满足的; 令人满意的

⑦score[sk:] n.得分;刻痕;二十 v.得(分)

69.Though both China and Japan are located in the east Asia, there are still a lot of differences in culture and traditional custom.尽管中国和日本都坐落在东亚,但是文化和传统习俗上仍有很多不同之处。

①Japan[d'pæn] n.日本

②locate[lu'keit] vt.探明(……的位置);把…设置在,使坐落于

be located in/at … 坐落于……

③east[i:st] n.东(方,部) a.东方(部)的 ad.向东方

④Asia['ei] n.亚洲

⑤difference['difrns] n.差别,差异

⑥traditional[tr'dinl] a.传统的,习惯的

⑦custom['kstm] n.习惯,风俗,惯例;[ pl.]海关,关税

70. This brave wounded firemandeserved the praise because he was not frightened by the danger of fire andsaved all the citizens from the burning building.这个勇敢的受伤的消防员值得表扬,因为他不害怕活在的危险,从那个着火的大楼里救出了所有的市民。

①brave[breiv] a.勇敢的,无畏的

②wounded['wound·ed || wundd] n.受伤者; 伤兵 adj.受伤的

③fireman['faimn] n.消防队员

④deserve[di'z:v] vt.应受,应得,值得

⑤praise[preiz] v./ n.赞扬,表扬,称赞,赞美(的话)

⑥frighten['fraitn] vt.使惊恐,吓唬 frightened['fratnd] adj.受惊的; 受恐吓的

⑦danger['deind] n.危险;危险事物,威胁

⑧fire['fai] n.火;火灾;射击 v.放(枪等);解雇

⑨save[seiv] vt.救;节省;保存 vi.储蓄 prep.除…之外

⑩citizen['sitizn] n.公民,市民

11burning['bn] n.燃烧 adj.燃烧的, 着火的

12building['bildi] n.建筑物,房屋;建筑

71. The math teacher begins to be interested in this smart little kid for he can calculate even faster than a computer but never makes any mistakes though he is not good atexpressing himself.数学老师开始对这个聪明的小男孩感兴趣,因为他能比计算机更快的计算而且不犯任何错误,虽然他并不擅长表达他自己。

①math[mæθ] n.数学

②begin[bi'gin] v.开始

③smart[smɑ:t] a.漂亮的;聪明的;厉害的,剧烈的

④kid[kid] n.小孩,年轻人 v.戏弄,开玩笑

⑤calculate['kælkjuleit] vt.计算,核算;估计,推测

⑥fast[fɑ:st] a.快的,迅速的 ad.快,迅速地

⑦than[ðæn] conj.比

⑧never['nev] ad.从不,永不;决不

⑨mistake[mis'teik] n.错误,过失 vt.误解,弄错;误认为

⑩express[ik'spres] vt.表示;快运 n.快车(运)

〈11〉be good at sth/doing sth 擅长做……

72. It is ordered that if the driver hasdrunk some wine, he or she is notallowed to drive the car in case the traffic accident takes place.根据命令,如果驾驶员喝了一些酒,他是不准开车的,以免发生交通事故。

①order[':d] n.顺序;定购;秩序;命令 vt.命令;定购

②driver['draiv] n.驾驶员,司机

③wine[wain] n.(葡萄)酒

④allow['lau] vt.允许(…进入);同意给;承认

⑤case[keis] n.事例;情况;病例;案件;盒;手提箱

in case 万一

⑥take place 发生,进行,举行

73. The survey shows that greenhouse gas is harmful to the earth but until now we haven’t the perfect method to solve the problem.调查表明,能引起温室效应的气体是对地球有害的,但是知道现在,我们还没有最好的办法解决这个问题。

①survey['s:vei] n./ vt.调查;测勘;全面审视

②show[u] v./ n.表明;出示;演出,放映

③greenhouse['gri:nhaus] n.温室,暖房

④gas[gæs] n.气体;煤气;汽油

⑤harmful['hɑ:mful] a.有害的

⑥perfect['p:fikt] a.完美的

⑦method['meθd] n.方法,办法

⑧solve[slv] vt.解决,解答

⑨problem['prblm] n.问题,疑难问题;思考题,讨论题

74. There are 12 months in one year—January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December, and it is rather difficult for many English learners to learn them by heart.一年中有 12个月 ---一月,二月...,对许多学英语者来说,记住它们是相当难的。

①January['dænjuri] n.一月

②February['februri] n.二月

③March[mɑ:t] n.三月

④April['eiprl] n.四月

⑤May[mei] n.五月

⑥June[du:n] n.六月

⑦July[du(:)'lai] n.七月

⑧August[':gst] n.八月

⑨September[sp'temb] n.九月

⑩October[k'tub] n.十月

11November[nu'vemb] n.十一月

12December[di'semb] n.十二月

13rather['rɑ:ð] ad.相当,颇有点儿

14many['meni] a.许多的,多的

15learner['l:n] n.学习者

16learn[l:n] v.学,学习;得知,了解,学会;认识到

17by heart 牢记, 凭记忆, 熟记

75. During the concert, it is not polite to use the camera with the flash or often move in front of their audiences, and it is even rude to communicate with your friends.在听音乐会的时候,用闪光灯拍照和在观众前面不停的走动都是不礼貌的,如果和你的朋友交流更是粗鲁的表现。

①concert['knst] n.音乐会,演奏会

②polite[p'lait] a.有礼貌的,客气的;有教养的

③use[ju:z, ju:s] vt.用;耗费,利用 n.使用,应用;用途

④camera['kæmr] n.照相机,摄影机,摄像机

⑤flash[flæ] vi.闪光;掠过 n.闪光(烁,现);闪光灯

⑥move[mu:v] v.搬;动摇;感动 n.动作;移动,搬家

⑦in front of 在...前面

⑧audience[':dins] n.听众,观众,读者

⑨rude[ru:d] a.粗鲁的,不礼貌的

⑩communicate[k'mju:nikeit] vi.交流,通讯;连接 vt.传达,传播

76. He just moved to the new senior high school so the class teacher asked himto introduce himself to the whole class and arranged his seat beside the monitor.他刚刚转到一个新的高中,因此他的班主任要求他把自己介绍给全班,然后把他的座位安排到班长的旁边。

①just[dst] ad.正好;只是;刚才

②senior['si:nj] adj.地位较高的, 高级的, 年长的

③introduce['intr'dju:s] vt.介绍;引进,传入

④arrange['reind] v.安排,准备,筹划;整理,排列,布置

⑤seat[si:t] n.座位;场所;席位 vt.使坐下

77. The soldier is strong enough to lift this heavy bag.士兵足够强壮能够提起这个重包。

①strong[str] a.强壮的;牢固的;坚强的;强烈的

②enough[i'nf] ad.足够地,充分地;相当 a.足够的

③lift[lift] vt.提,举

78. The waiter brought a menu to me andsuggested that I should taste the new meal and tell him my opinion about it.服务员拿了一本菜单给我,然后建议我品尝一下新的菜式,之后告诉他我的意见。

①waiter['weit] n.(男)侍者,(男)服务员

②menu['menju:] n.菜单

③suggest[s'dest] vt.建议,提议;暗示

④taste[teist] n.滋味;鉴赏力;爱好 vt.品尝 vi.有…味道

⑤meal[mi:l] n.膳食,一餐,一顿(饭)

⑥opinion['pinjn] n.意见,看法,主张

79. When his wife began to decorate the bedroom with some photos of their baby and some white roses, the husband has been brushing the sitting room with paint.当他妻子开始用他们宝贝的照片和白色玫瑰装饰卧室时,丈夫已经在用油漆刷客厅了。

①wife[waif] n.妻子

②decorate['dekreit] vt.装饰,装璜

③bedroom['bedrum] n.卧室

④rose[ruz] n.玫瑰,蔷薇

⑤brush[br] n.刷子 vt.刷

⑥sitting room['sitiru:m] n.会客室, 起居室

⑦paint[peint] n.油漆,涂料,颜料 v.油漆;绘(画)

80. Unluckily, the businessman felt so tired that he soon fell asleep without realizing that he had left his luggage, speech material and expensive camera in the taxi.很不幸的是,那个生意人感到如此的累以致于他很快就睡着了,并没有意识到他把行李,演讲的材料以及贵重的照相机都落在了出租车上。

①unluckily[n'lkili] ad.不幸地, 不凑巧地

②businessman['biznismæn] n. 商人

③soon[su:n] ad.不久;快

④without[wi'ðaut] prep.没有, 无

⑤leave[li:v](left, left) v.出发;离开;留下 n.准假;许可;告辞

⑥luggage['lgid] n.行李

⑦speech[spi:t] n.说话,演说;言语,言论

⑧material[m'tiril] n.材(原;资)料 a.物质的

⑨expensive[ik'spensiv] a.昂贵的

⑩taxi['tæksi] n.出租汽车

81. The weather forecast said this Sunday was fit for a camp, so these friends organized a picnic in the forest and they carried some food and knife and fork.天气预报说本周日适合野营,所以朋友们组织去森林野餐,并自带食物和刀叉。

①forecast['f:kɑ:st] n./vt.预测,预报

②fit[fit] v.适合;安装;适应 a.适合的的 be fit for 适合于; 胜任

③camp[kæmp] n.营地;拘留营 vi.野营

④organize[':gnaiz] vt.组织,把…编组;使有条理

⑤picnic['piknik] n.野餐 vi.去野餐

⑥forest['frist] n.森林

⑦carry['kæri] vt.提;运送;传播;携带

⑧knife[naif] n.刀

⑨fork[f:k] n.叉,餐叉 knife and fork (西餐)刀和叉

82. All the Chinese people will never forget the wonderful 2008 Beijing Olympics because the whole worldfocused attention on China and on Beijing.全中国人民永远也不会忘记 2008年令全世界瞩目的北京奥运会。

①forget[f'get] v.忘记,遗忘

②wonderful['wndful] a.极好的;惊人的,奇妙的

③Olympics[u'limpiks] n. 奥林匹克运动会=Olympic Games

④world[w:ld] n.(全)世界,地球;世间(人)

⑤focus['fuks] v.(on)聚集,集中,聚焦 n.焦点

⑥attention['tenn] n.注意,专心,留心

83. The fans say that this film star has been married for 4 years, but actually she just married that rich gentleman 2 years ago in Germany.影迷称这位电影明星已经结婚4年了,但其实这位明星是2年前在德国与一位富商结婚的。

①fan[fæn] n.(风)扇,扇形物;迷

②marry['mæri] v.娶,嫁,和…结婚

③actually['æktuli] ad.事实上;实际上

④gentleman['dentlmn] n.,绅士;有教养的人;先生,男士

⑤ago['gu] ad.[用于被修饰词之后]以前

⑥Germany['d:mni] n.德国

84. During the childhood, we oftendepended on our parents when we were in trouble while we try to be independent of them after we grow up.小时候,凡是遇到困难我们总是依靠父母,长大后,我们靠自己。

①childhood['taildhud] n.童年,幼年

②depend[di'pend] vi.(on,upon)依靠;信赖;决定于

③trouble['trbl] n.麻烦,困难[ pl.]纠纷 vt.麻烦

④independent[indi'pendnt] a.独立的,自主的;中立的

85. It is impossible for youto guess right who will take part in our party as guests of honor but I am sure that you will feel amazing when you know the answer.你肯定猜不出谁会作为荣誉嘉宾出席我们的派对,我肯定你知道了一定会惊讶。

①impossible[im'psbl] a.不可能的

②guess[ges] v./n.猜(测),推测

③part[pɑ:t] n.部分;零件;作用 v.(使)分开 take part in 参加

④party['pɑ:ti] n.社交聚会;党,政党

⑤guest[gest] n.客人,旅客

⑥honor['n] n.光荣;敬意;荣幸 vt.给…以荣誉;尊敬

⑦sure[u,:] a.确信的;一定的;可靠的

⑧amazing['meizi] a.惊人的;惊奇的

⑨answer['ɑ:ns] n.回答;答案 v.回答;解答;响应

86. When we find the TV program is very dull, we will change the channel until we are attracted by some programs.当我们发现电视节目很枯燥的时候,我们会一直换频道,直到找到感兴趣的节目为止。

①program['prugræm] n.计(规)划;节目(单);程序

②dull[dl] a.乏味的;阴沉的;低沉的

③change[teind] v.改变;交换;兑换 n.变化;更换;零钱

④channel['tænl] n.频道;[常 pl.]渠道;沟渠;海峡

87. Except the local farmers, no one dare to cross that narrow field at night because he can’t even see his fingers when he goes across it.除了当地农民,没人敢在深夜穿越那伸手不见五指的狭长地带。

①local['lukl] a.地方性的,当地的

②farmer['fɑ:m] n.农场主,农民

③dare[d] vt.敢;激 aux.v.[用于疑问等句]敢,竟敢

④cross[krs] v.穿过;交叉 n.十字(架等)

⑤narrow['næru] a.狭窄(隘)的

⑥field[fi:ld] n.田地;领域;运动场;产地;场

⑦finger['fig] n.手指

⑧across['krs] prep.穿(越,横)过;在对面 ad.在对面

88.The pilot had enough experience to deal with danger when the plane was out of control and finally he succeeded in landing on the ground safely.那位经验丰富的飞行员在飞机失控时处理了危险,最后安全降落。

①pilot['pailt] n.飞行员 vt.驾驶;引航

②experience[ik'spirins] n./ vt.经历,阅历;经验,感受,体验

③deal[di:l] n.协定, 交易, 大量 v.应付, 分配, 处理

deal with 与...交涉, 交易; 处理; 应付;关于

④plane[plein] n.飞机

⑤control[kn'trul] n.控制 vt.控制 out of control 不受控制,失去控制

⑥succeed[sk'si:d] v.成功 succeed in doing sth 做某事成功

⑦land[lænd] n.陆地;土地;国家 v.(使)靠岸、登陆、降落

⑧safely['seifli] ad.安全地;平安地

89. Every summer holidays, a lot of male students and some female ones pretendnot to notice the rule on the boardthat the teenagers under the age of 18mustn't enter the Internet bar and spend amounts of time in it.每个暑假,许多男女学生会假装看不到板上有关十八岁一下青少年禁止去网吧,也不能上网太久的规定。

①summer['sm] n.夏天,夏季

②holiday['hldi] n.假期,假日

③male[meil] a.男(性)的,雄的 n.男子

④female['fi:meil] a.雌的,女(性)的 n.雌性动物;女子

⑤pretend[pri'tend] v.假装,装作

⑥notice['nutis] vt.注意到,察觉到 n.通知;注意,察觉

⑦rule[ru:l] n.规则;惯例;统治 v.统治

⑧board[b:d] n.(黑)板;委员会; v.上(船,飞机等)

⑨teenager['ti:neid] n.(13~19岁的)青少年

⑩under['nd] prep./ ad.在…下面;少于;在…情况下

11enter['ent] vt.进入;参加

12bar[bɑ:] n.酒吧间;闩;栅栏

13amount['maunt] n.数(量);总额

90. It is a precious memory that when he was still a Young Pioneer from the primary school, he went to the estate tosweep the floor, pick up the litter andwater the plants every March the fifth.这是一段珍贵的记忆,当他是个小学少先队员时,没到三月五日他就去此地拖地板、捡垃圾、浇花。

①precious['pres] a.珍贵的,贵重的

②memory['memri] n.记忆(力);回忆

③young[j] a.年轻的,青年的 n.青年人

④pioneer[pai'ni] n.先驱者,创始人;开拓者

⑤primary['praimri] a.最初(级)的;首要的,主要的,基本的

⑥estate[i'steit] n.(有大片建筑的)土地,住宅区;地产;庄园

⑦sweep[swi:p] v.扫,拂(去);掠过 n.打扫

⑧pick[pik] v.挑选,选择;采摘

⑨litter['lit] n.废弃物 v.乱扔东西

⑩water['w:t] n.水 vt.浇(供,加)水

91.At the moment, the aged artist achieves the ambition of holding his personal oil painting exhibition and the price of the tickets is very low so that he can share his view of natural beauty with the public.此时,这位老艺术家实现了他开个人油画展的愿望,因为门票价格很低,所以他能和大众一起分享他的自然美的观点。

①moment['mumnt] n.片刻,瞬间,时刻

②aged['edd] a.年老的; 陈的; 旧的

③artist['ɑ:tist] n.艺术家,美术家

④achieve['ti:v] vt.完成,实现,达到

⑤ambition[æm'bin] n.抱负,雄心,野心

⑥hold[hld] n.抓住, 握住 v.握着; 夹住; 抓住

⑦personal['p:snl] a.个(私)人的;亲自的

⑧oil[il] n.油;石油;油画

⑨painting['pent] n.画, 油漆, 绘画

⑩exhibition[eksi'bi()n] n.展览(会)

11low[lu] a./ ad.低(的);低下(的)

12share[e] v.分享,分担;分配 n.份额[ pl.]股份

13view[vju:] n.观点;观察;景色 vt.看待;观察

14natural['nætrl] a.自然(界)的,正常的;天赋的;天然的

15beauty['bju:ti] n.美,美丽;美人,美的东西

16public['pblik] n.公众,民众 a.公众的;公共的;公开的

92.This winter holidays, they are eager to travel around the Europe, such as France, Italy, Germany, Britain and so on.这个寒假,他们渴望去环游欧洲,例如法国、意大利、英国等。

①winter['wint] n.冬,冬季

②eager['i:g] a.热切的,渴望的

③Europe['jurp] n.欧洲

④France['fræns] n.法国

⑤Italy['itli] n.意大利

93.During rush hours, many clerks still choose undergrounds or buses rather than their own private cars as main traffic tools and some young ones even ride bicycles because it is too difficult to park cars in the city centre.高峰期时,一些职员仍旧选择地铁或者公交车,而不是自己的私家车作为交通工具,一些年轻人甚至骑自行车,因为市中心停车太难了。

①rush[r] v.冲;仓促从事;突袭 n.冲;匆忙;繁忙时刻

rush hour 高峰时间

②choose[tu:z] vt.选择,挑选

③underground['ndgraund] n. 地铁 adj. 地下的, 秘密的 adv. 在地下, 秘密地

④rather than prep.而非... conj.宁可 ... 也不愿,与其 ... 倒不如, 而不是

⑤private['praivit] a.私人的;秘密的

⑥main[mein] a.主要的,最重要的

⑦ride[raid] v./ n.骑(马),乘(车)

⑧bicycle['baisik()l] n.自行车 vi.骑自行车

⑨park[pɑ:k] v.停放(车辆等) n.公园;停车场

94.Before the lecture in the college, the inventor raised a question who had the ability to take out a coin at the bottom of the bottle without touching it or breaking it into pieces.在大学里做讲座前,这位发明者提出了一个问题,谁能从瓶底取出一个硬币而不碰到它,也不能把瓶子打碎。

①lecture['lekt] n./v.演讲,讲课

②college['klid] n.大学,学院

③inventor[in'vent] n.发明者

④raise[reiz] vt.提出; 引起; 升起; 饲养 n.上升, 增高, 高地

⑤question['kwest()n] n.问题;疑问;难题 vt.询问;怀疑

⑥ability['biliti] n.能力,本领;才能,才智

⑦coin[kin] n.硬币,钱币

⑧bottom['btm] n.底;末尾

⑨bottle['btl] n.瓶

⑩touch[tt] v.触摸;感动;接触 n.接触;触觉

11break[breik] n.休息 vt.打破;弄坏 vi.破碎

12piece[pi:s] n.片,块,段,件;断片,碎块

95.At the weekends, especially when it is sunny and warm, many people can be seen swimming on the surface of the sea; in addition, many families relax themselves at the beach and take a sun bath.周末,特别是晴朗温和的天气,能看到一些人在海上游泳,此外,一些家庭在海岸上放松自己,晒日光浴。

①especially[i'speli] ad.特别,尤其,格外

②sunny['sni] a.阳光充足的

③surface['s:fis] n.表面,面;外表

④sea[si:] n.海,海洋

⑤addition['din] n.加,加法;增加的人(或物) in addition 另外, 此外

⑥relax[ri'læks] v.放松,(使)松弛

⑦beach[bi:t] n.海滩,沙滩

⑧bath[bɑ:θ] n.浴,洗澡;

96. The bund that has already been rebuilt is open to the public again and plenty of tourists stand at the sightseeing platform and enjoyed the opposite Oriental Pearl Tower.外滩已经重建好了,重新向公众开放,许多游客在观景台上,欣赏对面的东方明珠塔。

①bund[bnd] n.堤岸, 外滩

②already[:l'redi] ad.早已,已经

③rebuild[ri:'bild] vt.重建;改造

④open['upn] a.开的,开放的,公开的 v.开;开始;开放

⑤plenty['plenti] n.丰富,充足,大量 plenty of 很多; 大量

⑥sightseeing['saitsi:i] n.(U) 观光, 游览

⑦platform['plætf:m] n.(平)台,讲台;站台

⑧opposite['pzit] prep./ ad.在对面 a.对面的 n.对立面

⑨oriental[:ri'entl] adj.东方的, 东方人的

⑩pearl[p:l] n.珍珠;珠状物

〈11〉tower['tau] n.塔,高楼

97. After a horrible flood attacked this poor village, these homeless people went hungry and thirsty and needed medical help, and some of them even robbed the supermarkets of the daily goods. The army used the ferries to move them to the near kindergarten and the church..一场可怕的洪水袭击了这个穷山庄后,这些无家可归的孩子们又饥又渴,需要医疗帮助。一些人抢劫了超市的日用品。军队用渡船将他们运送到附近的幼儿园和教堂。

①horrible['hrbl] a.令人恐惧的,可怕的;极讨厌的,糟透的

②flood[fld] v.淹没,涌入 n.洪水,水灾;大量,大批

③attack['tæk] v.攻击,进攻,抨击 n.攻击;突然发作

④poor[pu] a.穷的;可怜的;贫乏的;低劣的,差的

⑤village['vilid] n.村,乡村,村庄

⑥homeless['humlis] a.无家的

⑦hungry['hgri] a.饥饿的,感到饿的;(for)渴望得到的

⑧thirsty['θ:sti] a.口渴的;(for)渴望的,渴求的

⑨medical['medikl] a.医学的,医疗的

⑩rob[rb] vt.抢劫,盗窃;(of)(非法)剥夺

〈11〉supermarket['su:pmɑ:kit] n.超级市场

〈12〉daily['deili] a.每日的,日常的 ad.每日,天天 n.日报

〈13〉goods[gudz] n.货物, 商品

〈14〉army['ɑ:mi] n.军队,陆军,军;大群,大批

〈15〉ferry['feri] n.渡船 vt.渡运

〈16〉kindergarten['kindgɑ:tn] n.幼儿园

〈17〉church[t:t] n.教堂;礼拜;教会(组织)

98. Although the president of every nation sticks to the fact that human beings love peace, hate wars and fear death every country still pay a large amount of money for armies and weapons.尽管每个国家的总统都坚持人们热爱和平、憎恶战争,害怕死亡这一事实,但是每个国家仍旧话很多钱在军队和武器上。

①president['prezidnt] n.总统,主席;(大学)校长,董事长

②every['evri] a.每一(个);每…一次的,每隔…的

③nation['nein] n.国家,民族

④stick[stik] n.手杖, 枝, 杆, 棍 vi.钉住, 坚持, 粘贴

⑤fact[fækt] n.事实,真相

⑥human['hju:mn] n.人, 人类 adj.人的, 人类的,有人性的, 人本性的

⑦being['bi:i] n.生物,人;存在 human being 人类(可数)

⑧peace[pi:s] n.和平,和睦;平静,安宁,安静

⑨hate[heit] vt.憎恨,不喜欢,不愿 n.厌恶,憎恨

⑩war[w:] n.战争;斗争,竞争

〈11〉fear[fi] vt.畏惧,害怕,担心 n.害怕,恐惧;危险

〈12〉death[deθ] n.死,死亡

〈13〉large[lɑ:d] a.大的;(数量)多的,众多的

〈14〉amount['maunt] n.数(量);总额

〈15〉weapon['wepn] n.武器,兵器

99.The reason why he is used to England life so quickly is that he used to listen to the foreign broadcast on radio and his recorder was usually used to record what he pronounced when he read after the tape.他问什么这么快习惯英国的生活是因为他曾经用受经济听国外的广播,而且他经常跟着磁带读时用录音机录下他的发音。

①reason['ri:zn] n.原因;理性 v.分析,推论(理)

the reason why … “……的原因”

②be used to 名词/V-ing 习惯于(做)……

used to V原 过去常常(做)……(现在已不这么做了)

be used to V原 (被动语态)被用来做……

③England['iglnd] n.英格兰;英国

④life[laf] n.生活, 人生, 生命

⑤quickly['kwikli] ad.快地;敏捷地

⑥foreign['frin] a.外国的;外来的

⑦broadcast['br:dkɑ:st] n.广播,广播节目 vt.广播,播放

⑧radio['reidiu] n.无线电(台);收音机

⑨recorder[ri'k:d] n.录音(像)机;记录装置

⑩record['rek:d, ri'k:d] vt.记录;录下 n.记录;唱片;履历

〈11〉pronounce[pr'nauns] vt.发音

〈12〉tape[teip] n.带子;录音(像)磁带

100. Although the developed countries promised to provide money and technology for the developing countries to protect environment, they themselves are still eager for the natural products such as fuel, oil to meet the needs of heat and electricity power.尽管发达国家许诺提供给发展中国家钱和技术来保护环境,但他们自己仍旧渴望自然资源,例如燃料、汽油来满足热力和电力的需要。

①developed [di'velpd] adj.发达的; 成熟的; 先进的

②promise['prmis] v.允诺;有希望;有前途 n.承诺;希望

③provide[pr'vaid] vt.供给,提供

④technology[tek'nldi] n.工艺,技术

⑤developing[di'velpi] adj.发展中的, 开发中的

⑥protect[pr'tekt] vt.保护,保卫

⑦environment[in'vairnmnt] n.环境,周围状况,自然环境

⑧eager['i:g] a.热切的,渴望的 be eager for 对……渴望

⑨product['prdkt] n.产品,产物

⑩fuel[fjul] n.燃料,燃烧剂 vt.加燃料(油)

11meet the need (of ……) 满足……的需要

12heat[hi:t] n.(炎)热;热度;热烈 v.加热

13electricity[ilek'trisiti] n.电

14power['pau] n.权力;(能)力;电力 v.使...有力量, 激励, 供以动力